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Ashley Adelman

Where are you from? Originally from Staten Island, NY

What's your passion? I love history and theatre. Listening, reading and discussing stories from history and seeing how it has affected present day. Creating and seeing theatre. Seeing how words on a page can grow to have a life on stage. Esp. when there is that wonder of, "is this ever going to make sense on stage?" And then it does! I always feel that when this happens it's as if magic has occurred. So yeah, geeking out on everything history, theatre and theatre based on history.

What do you offer? Right now I'm working on a play about the first female baseball players- Vassar College -1876. Going to be workshopped at The Wyoming Theatre Festival this summer. Written by the incredible talented Gabrielle Sinclair!

What's up next for you? I am working on getting my MA in Womens History. Part of my thesis studies Documentary Theatre and how it reflects and impacts the women's movement. Besides writing the paper, I am looking into creating my own piece of Documentary Theatre. I just finished my fifth interview of Women who were in Vietnam during the war (Army nurses, WACs, Donut Dollies, Army Special Services) Now, with the help and direction of fellow co op artist Kelly Teaford, (and five actresses that we are in the midst of casting) we will put these stories on stage. 

What are you seeking (skill, need, etc) from the Co-op? I am excited to find a community. NYC is such a big city, as is the theatre scene. And I love it! But I am looking forward to meeting and learning from other artists and having a space to gather and discuss is incredible! I really look forward to that. Oh, and rehearsal space ;)

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Mark Blakenship

Where are you from? Chattanooga, TN

What's your passion? I love making space for artists to do their work, creating and facilitating opportunities for audiences and artists to connect, and empowering audience members to talk about their reactions to art. I also love listening to people. 

What do you offer? I'm great at creating, facilitating, and dreaming up opportunities for people to communicate about the theater. I have over 15 years experience as a journalist and dramaturg, and I create cutting-edge media projects . Perhaps most importantly, I can predict your destiny based on the song that was number one the day you were born.

What's up next for you? I'm currently working with Show-Score to create a variety of audience engagement projects, both online and in person. I'm working with several theater companies around NYC to create audience engagement projects. 

What are you seeking from the co-op? Mostly, I'm looking for a place to think and work while surrounded by people who care about what I care about. And if I end up meeting some future collaborators, that would be great! 


Yaakov Bressler

Where are you from? New York City

What's your passion? Entertainment and Mental Health

What are you working on/ what do you want to create? Theatre

Why are you excited to be apart of the Artist Co-op community? To join a productive and mindful community of entertainment creators.

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Mary Candler

Where are you from?  I'm originally from the great state of Delaware. I've called Durham, Orlando, Chicago, and Washington DC my home at some point. These days, I reside is Bushwick!

What do you offer?/ What are you working on? I have two main focuses. I run a theatre company called Hedgepig Ensemble Theatre. As the name suggests, we are an ensemble of artists and work, train, and play together throughout the year--the emphasis being on play. My other focus is my life as a singer and singing teacher. I have a voice studio (www.joyful-singing.com) full of all types of wonderful students from beginners to pros.







Where are you from? Madison, WI

What’s your passion? Making movies that can help change peoples' minds and open their hearts. I'm also just the biggest sucker for a well-written story, in any medium.

What do you offer? I just produced and starred in my first feature film, so I'm a wealth of knowledge on creating your own work! As an actor, I love helping to shape new plays, and I give a killer cold-read. In addition to acting, I'm also writing a self-help book on manifesting and mindfulness, and I proofread scripts at a rate of $3/page.

What’s up next for you? I'm currently in early pre-production on my next feature film, a true story about one of the only acts of civil disobedience against the Nazis in 1943 Germany. I'm also co-producing a web series that satirizes pop culture through a feminist and inclusive lens.


Janna Davis

Where are you from? I hail from the glorious Mt. Trashmore (an actual pile of trash that was beautified into a small but significant hill) area of Virginia Beach, VA.  As an adult, I've lived in Chicago, LA, and now (after being set up long distance to meet my amazing husband) I call NYC home!

What’s your passion? I was the type of kid that didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up because I WANTED TO BE ALL THE THINGS!  I kept waiting for this to change, to receive one "calling" for my life.  Now well into my thirties, I've accepted that it's ok to want to be more than one thing, and more than that, that it's something to be celebrated!  I now embrace my status as a self-proclaimed Slash Generation Ninja Princess™ and (Family Friendly) Dancer by Night.  I am passionate about more things than anyone wants to hear for the purposes of this question, but at the top of that long list is empowering slash gen artists and providing humor and truth through performance.

What do you offer? As a performer, I act (mainly commercially and in indie films currently), I dance (focused primarily on ballet these days but I have some other styles under my belt), I model (commercial print) and I have just started self-producing content (humorous shorts).  I am a resource junkie and I love sharing my toys.  Although I'm sure I can come across as self-absorbed, I am a good listener, believe in the power of prayer to support where I can't, and love supporting fellow artists.  Oh, and I try really hard...

What’s up next for you? I am currently in the process of working with a web designer to create my online Barbie Dream Mansion as I've been homeless on the Internet for wayyyyy too long.  I am also starting to audition for dance companies as I quit pursuing that passion when I was 18 and have recently rekindled that first love.  I am slated to be in a few indies in 2018 and am very excited to join some seriously #goals artists.  In the meantime, I audition, I lead the song service at my synagogue every other Friday eve (visitors welcome!), and I make cat videos on my Instagram stories.

What are you seeking (skill, need, etc) from the co-op? I'd love to connect with fellow artists!  As my dream mansion isn't quite ready, let's connect on Instagram (www.instagram.com/jannaisgreen), or better yet, IRL at TAC!


noa egozi

Where are you from? Tel Aviv, Israel. 

What's your passion? Exploring theater's ability to replace indifference with compassion, certainty with doubt, and passivity with action. 

What do you offer? I adapt and direct classical theater as well as develop new plays with the goal of building, developing and exploring our sense of community. 

What's your favorite ice cream and/or alcoholic beverage? Vanilla ice cream and vodka- I'm a classy girl.


Mason Granger

Where are you from? I'm originally from Philly & Willingboro NJ. Been living in NYC since 2010

What's your passion? The main thing at the bottom of my work is wanting to increasing the baseline of general empathy among Americans.

What do you offer?/ What are you working on? I primarily host/perform spoken word poetry shows (or pretty much any live performance show). I also to videography & video editing of live performances.

What's up next for you? I'm working on a video-based app for Bowery Poetry Club that'll basically function like HBOgo for poetry, broadcasting all their events to any mobile device.

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 Jennifer haining

Where are you from? Chicago. Go Cubs!

What's your passion? Musical Theatre, Acting, Volleyball, Reading

What do you offer?/ What are you working on? I can offer someone who listens carefully and with sole focus on you, someone who will give advice honestly and to the best of my ability, a confident support system (who sometimes needs to learn to follow her own advice and faith in others), someone endlessly available to discuss tv or books, and an adventurous friend!

What's up next for you?Next I am doing a new musical written by fellow TAC Member STEVEN KOPP! We are bringing "Billy and the Golden Pencil" to Maine with Barn Arts Collective in October :D


Robert Hinds

Where are you from? Born in Maryland, near DC. but grew up Up-state, New York.  Fingerlakes.  Little town called Cortland.  You ever been on your way from Syracuse to Binghamton, or back, needed to stop for McDonalds?  You been through Cortland.

What's your passion? Art in the form of performance.  Performance on stage or on film that tells you something new about the world, or tells you something old.  There are other ways of living, or there are people who live with what you live with.  Either way, you're not alone.  

What are you seeking (skill, need, etc) from the Co-op? A determination to change the entire world, and to do it one person at a time. And a quiet place that offers sittins and coffee.  I've got both at home but there are two goddamn cats who won't leave me alone.  



Where are you from? Ohio

What's your passion? Acting

What are you working on/ what do you want to create? Accountability and Content Creation with actors

Why are you excited to be apart of the Artist Co-op community? Because it's full of inspiring and aspiring people who I want to collaborate with


Kathleen Jones

Where are you from? The Bay! Specifically Alamo, CA.

What’s your passion? I love new work. I write it and I perform it.

What do you offer? I love making new friends! I offer some eyes to read your stuff anytime.

What’s up next for you? Some readings of some of my plays! I'm at The Playwrights Loft on Nov 5 and The Dramatists Guild Nov 10. Upcoming at hellokathleenjones.com/news.

What are you seeking (skill, need, etc) from the co-op? I'd love a community of other creators (writer/actors, folks making their own work). I'd love to get a writing group going here, for those writers who write every day and want the accountability of a team.



Where are you from? From San Diego by way of Santa Cruz.

What's your passion? Exploring, embracing and celebrating the space where poetry and theater merge.

What are you working on/ what do want to create? Village Orpheus at the Wild Project July 11th & 14th; BAILOUT at Judson on August 2nd; Outside Paducah: The Wars at Home at the Wild Project September-October; Conscious Language Podcast Live Events at Caveat beginning September; Poetic License Festival of New Poetic Theater Feb. 2018 at Wild Project



Where are you from? Philadelphia.

What's your passion? Exploring the alchemy of living a meaningful and creative life. Telling stories that include three-dimensional and complex female characters. Disrupting the myth of the starving artist by helping artists and creatives to play bigger, create meaningful connections, and figure out how to authentically thrive. Facilitating live and online community experiences that catalyze transformation. 

What do you offer?/ What are you working on? I work individually with artists and creatives around the country to up-level their lives and careers. I founded The Artist Mastermind - monthly creative career acceleration groups for artists and creatives. I write regularly about all of the above on my blog, which is the thing I most love to do. 



Where are you from? I grew up in Aurora, Colorado, spent about 8 years in Los Angeles, and have been in Brooklyn for the past 10 years.

What's your passion? My passion is performance, community, and story-telling.  I feel most alive when I'm on a stage.  I feel most at home when I'm in a room with deeply creative people collaborating, and I'm working daily to try to help cultivate and introduce new voices and stories to the New York City Theatre community.

What are you working on? I'm the Co-Artistic Director of THE SHELTER.  We offer a safe haven for courageous story tellers.  We host an open door ongoing workshop every Sunday from 6:30-10:30, where actors, writers, and directors can gather and continue to hone their crafts and build their communities.  New works for both stage and screen are workshopped there every Sunday in 10 page chunks.  



Where are you from?  I'm originally from Port Washington, NY. BA in theatre, directing concentration from Temple University. 

What's your passion?My passion is theatre, history, dramaturgy, and seeing lots of theatre. Please invite me to your reading. I'll go. I'm looking to reframe classics, expand on whose stories get heard today, find a new playwright I love, and discover how we need to be talking about our world onstage now. It's a never ending question. 

What do you offer?/ What are you working on?Currently I'm an Assistant Director with Live in Theater, downtown. I'm working in interactive theatre and devising. I'm working on a couple of screenplays when I can. I danced as a child, and I've written stories and poetry. I'm very good with history, sports, languages, and literature. I used to be a stage manager. 



Where are you from? Originally, from Texas...but found home in NYC.

What's your passion? Words & Images...sometimes on their own, sometimes together

What are you working on? I'm finishing up a comedic web series I shot and produced to be released this year. I am also working on 2 kids books and 1 adult book, all in various stages, and a photo series called "windows."

Why are you excited to be apart of The Artist Co-op community? It gives me a safe and supportive place to create and work, and I love being around other creative folk. Plus...the place is an awesome, positive space.


Keith Paul Medelis

Where are you from? Ann Arbor, Michigan

What's your passion? Sharing stories and making plays that don’t take themselves too seriously.

What are you working on? I am a director and teacher operating the Upstream Artists' Collective, making theater with an environmental conscience. We have a few projects coming up from playwrights Eliza Bent and Benjamin Weiner. Also starting work on a new performance cycle that will use verbatim historical texts to weave together a story of Manhattan from forest to grid. The first installment, Of the Manners and Extraordinary Qualities, will be the first project we're workshopping at The Artist Co-op soon.


Bree O'Connor Email Pic.jpeg


Where are you from? I am from southern Minnesota.

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about stories. I love how they can be simultaneously fun and irreverent while also a vicious punch in the gut. I love how the best stories and characters reveal themselves by popping up in the darkest, dustiest parts of our psyches and beg us to know more about our world, about our society, and about ourselves. 

I am a writer/ actor/ director/ producer and designer by necessity. I have a solid eye and an even better ear when it comes to making a scene work either on the page or on the stage. I have been known to coach actors and writers from time to time.

What are you working on now? Right now I am taking my company, Playful Substance, from a company that produces occasionally to a company committed to its first real season next year. Playful Substance not only puts up full productions, but also offers workshops, readings and our newest project the Pithy Literary Reference Group (Pithy for Short). Pithy is a writer’s accountability group for playwrights and screenwriters.

What are you excited about most about The Artist Co-op? I am seeking a place to work that is free of the home office distractions and the opportunity to expand my artistic community.

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Troy Ogilvie

Where are you from? New Jersey

What’s your passion? Live performance

What do you offer? Performances and improv classes

What’s up next for you? Solo show PRISM at Theatre 80 St Marks http://tiny.cc/PRISM

What are you seeking (skill, need, etc) from the co-op? Rehearsal space!


Kate Owens

Where are you from? I'm originally from Utica, NY but have lived in NYC since 2013.

What's your passion? My passion is to create art that makes people feel comfortable, and maybe even excited, to be themselves. 

What are you working on? I offer my experience as an actor, musician, improviser, and clown. I also offer a nice camera and editing abilities for folks who need to film audition videos. 

Clowning has become a big part of my identity. Up next: Character 101 at UCB, a voice intensive with Tessa Lang, and a clown devising workshop with Lucas Caleb Rooney!

Why are you excited to be apart of The Artist Co-op community? At the co-op, I am seeking to learn from individuals who have clown, performance art and comedy experience.

Joanna Parsons Headshot.jpg

Joanna Parsons

Where are you from? I am from Hampton, Connecticut, northeastern corner of the state, near UConn. (I like to call it "Steven King's New England.")

What is your passion? I am an actress, writer, and singer-songwriter, most at home where there is comedy involved. And I own and operate a media transcription company called Letter Perfect Transcription.

What do you offer? I coach comedic auditions (musical or not), and coaching support for writing projects. My company offers transcription from video and audio, and captioning (.srt files), in both English and Spanish.

What's up next for you? I can be seen on season three, episode two of "red Oaks," out on October 20th on Amazon. I am acting in a play in November at Theatre 80 St. Marks called "In Love With the Arrow Collar Man." And I'm working on the revision of two novels; one my own, about a 20-something on her first Broadway tour, and one my late mother's, about the friendship between two Estonian women in times of war and sacrifice.

What are you seeking (skill, need, etc) from the co-op? I want to hear what everybody's up to, and rub up against everybody's creative energy! Working from home is isolating and I love to help and connect people. And I'm always happy to talk to experienced transcribers.



Where are you from? I was born across the river in NJ, but grew up in the small town of Rangeley, Maine, which is nestled in the northwest mountains and lakes region. Year-round population: 1,100.

What's your passion? Building community around laughter, support, and creativity. Sharing the messy hilarious beautiful joy of clown through teaching and performing. I also love performing classical work (I have an MFA in classical acting), and working with playwrights on new projects. 

What do you offer? I'm the co-founder and director of Clown Gym, a weekly theatrical clown and games class. It's an incredible community of performers who work to stretch their range, discover their personal relationship to comedy, and, most importantly, have fun with an awesome group of people. All are welcome to join! We run through June 12th, and pick back up on Tuesdays in September: 


Sara Rademacher

Where are you from? I am originally from the Central Coast of California.

What's your passion? I am a freelance theatre director, currently based in New York. I focus on theatrical work that is necessary for this moment in our cultural history, and aim to addresses big, hairy, important issues like race and self-identity in a way that isn’t aggressive or berating, but instead allows the audience to connect to the play through their own experience. 

What are you working on? I'm currently working on a new musical using a real life adoption story to explore what forms the human to human connection. I am always looking for new projects and collaborators and I love connecting artists I meet with artists I know!

What's your favorite ice cream and/or alcoholic beverage?I love a good Moscow mule!


Kelly Teaford

Where are you from? Baltimore, Maryland

What's your passion? Other humans and new experiences, which has brought me backpacking across Europe for two months by myself, found me interviewing for a Peace Corps position in Columbia last week, and has me pumped about the Artist Co-op and all the new humans and experiences I will find there.

What do you offer? / What are you working on now? I offer my acting, directing, stage managing, and writing skills to anyone who wants them. I am currently assistant directing The Motherfucker with the Hat at the Strasberg Institute

What's up next for you? Up next, I will be co-creating a piece of documentary theatre with fellow Co-op member and Artistic Director of Infinite Variety Productions, Ashley Adelman, drawing from five interviews Ashley conducted with women who served in the Vietnam War as nurses, doughnut dollies, librarians, and special intelligence officers. 

What are you seeking (skill, need, etc) from the Co-op ? Ashley and I will be relying heavily on the Co-op for rehearsal, work, and meeting space for our upcoming documentary play, which is set to premiere at Sarah Lawrence College in November. I am also seeking a home base, a place where I can focus on work, meet collaborators, and jumpstart new projects, a place of inspiration and dedication. Another artistic family. 



Where are you from? I was born in Zimbabwe, and mostly raised in Massachusetts and then I went to college on Long Island. 

What's your passion? I am passionate about creating space for artists to feel supported, uplifted, and challenged. I am passionate about creating work (theatre, TV, Film, Dance etc.) that is not only reflective of the world we currently live in but of the world we hope to leave behind for future generations.

What are you seeking (skill, need, etc) from the Co-op? I already have a deep love for this space and the energy I feel everytime I walk into The Artist’s Co-Op and every time I’ve been in there, it has provided me the energy to stay accountable and just “do the work.” As I make small and eventually larger strides towards the creation of my Production Company I will be seeking resources that can help me with business planning and strategy for artist entrepreneurs.

Ariella Serur1.jpg

Ariella Serur


Where are you from? Long Island, NY

What's your passion? New projects, storytelling, communicating, collaborating, traveling, performing, connecting with others.

What do I offer? Some good ole contemporary musical theatre/pop/folk singing, some piano and guitar playing, acting, story telling. More info at www.ariellaserur.com. I also have a service that you can check out at www.sheetmusicsurgery.com where I make audition cuts look pretty, change keys of music, etc. Travel advice with no affiliated website, but some fierce documents I've written.

What's up next for you? Audition season/fantasizing about more backpacking trips...

What are you seeking? I'm more productive in public spaces and at nights so I'm seeking that 24 hour access surrounded by my fellow artists. I'm always down to help out with a new project or reading. Come say hi :)



Where are you from?  NYU! We graduated back in 2010 and founded our company the following fall with our first show, Nijinsky in Asylum. The show was a hit and we were jazzed by the idea of putting things "in asylum" as a kind of safe space for unsafe ideas. 7 years later, we're still going strong!

What is your passion? Refugees and renegades of all kinds. We constantly seek inspiration from living and historical characters who are ahead of or in opposition to their time and environment.

What are you working on? We seek to offer asylum to characters and subjects in need. We have given asylum, through theater, in the past to Vaslav Nijinsky, Dr. Frankenstein's monsters, even the U.S. Presidential debates. We now look to the infamous Brontë family, whose story of ambition and deceit often goes untold or misunderstood.


Emily Elizabeth Turner

Where are you from? Vermont

What's your passion? My passion is storytelling through film and television

What do you offer?  I'm a writer / producer and can provide those skills to others

What's up next for you? Producing web series for The Storyscape and working on a half hour comedy pilot called "Cloning Joan"

What are you seeking (skill, need, etc.) from the Co-op?  I'm looking for other writers, filmmakers, and actors to collaborate with


Yoni Vendriger - Headshot 1.jpg
Nabil Vinas.jpg

Yoni Vendriger

Where are you from? QUEENS born and raised Tel-Aviv, Israel. Been to NYC for 4 years now.!

What's your passion? Working on cool projects with interesting people and learning in the process.

What do you offer? Knowledge and love of production - Theatre, Film and events - and a unique photo favor service - Instant Magnetic Photos via my company Magnetic Memories

What's up next for you? Developing a few shows as producer including bringing an Israeli hit for a NYC version. Creating a project of dual cast making shows in Hebrew and English

What are you seeking (skill, need, etc.) from the Co-op?  A network of artists who are into producing/creating. Learn marketing and PR skills  


Nabil Vinas

Where are you from? NYC, born and raised. 

What’s your passion? Film. Music. Performing in the theatre. Social justice. 

What do you offer? Am here as a member of Poetic Theater Productions. I'm an actor, screenwriter and producer with a deep love for music.
Also an ensemble member of Barefoot Theater Company and co-founder of The Seven Collective. Outside of the arts I am a staff developer with Morningside Center, bringing social and emotional learning to schools in New York City.

What’s up next for you? "Tomorrow Ever After" comes to Amazon and iTunes Dec 22nd (pre-orders now available on iTunes). Short film "Program" premiered at the 55th NYFF at Film Society Lincoln Center and will continue to play the festival circuit. Short film "The Brothers Molina" is in post-production and should hit festivals in 2018. Web Series "The Deported" will be online soon. Am helping develop a short film featuring stop-motion animation and am writing my first feature film script of my own.

What are you seeking (skill, need, etc) from the co-op? Wi-fi, electricity, bathroom, and the company of cool artists! : )



Where are you from? QUEENS born and raised!

What's your passion? Telling the stories of people who do not always have the opportunity to have their voices heard. 

What are you working on? I have worked within many artistic genres and formats with hundreds of personalities and backgrounds so diversity is at the core of my art.  I can offer insight, listening, and useful feedback. I am working on moving my acting career to the next level - consistently booking day player roles on TV shows and stretching my acting muscles through dedicated work in my scene study class. I am also digging up long abandoned scripts and coming up with a production timeline for them.

What excites you about the Co-op?  A creative space to work with and around other artists. A space where a true artist community can grow.