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The Blankenship Chair: 80s Diva Tournament with Sarah D. Bunting

An tournament to choose the most essential pop diva of the 80s. Everyone who attends gets to vote!

About this Event

The 1980s produced many glorious pop divas, but which one is the ultimate?!?

Sarah and Mark (who co-host the podcast Mark and Sarah Talk About Songs) will make arguments for each contender, and if you'd like, you will also have a chance to address the crowd. Along with talking through our thoughts and listening to key song clips, we will ALL get to vote in every round of the tournament until we declare a winner.

Along the way, we'll dive into many of the issues and ideas that define pop music of the Me Decade. From gender roles to vocal distinction to the visual power of MTV, we'll talk about it all!

And as always, the most important thing is for everyone to have fun and feel welcome as we think, talk, and sing our way through an incredible collection of songs.