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TAC Cold Reading Series

Be part of the joy by joy-ning the Artist Co-Op at their Cold Reading Series. Expect warmth for your creative soul, emotional well-being, and body. How? By sharing creative expression with others!

We'll begin the cold reading series with introductions, so everyone can know each other. Then we jump right into reading from some scripts or prose that our writers brought. Following, we share open the floor for anyone to share something they've been working on or thinking of.

This intimate gathering is open to the public and free. Do attend! we always need actors + great scripts with strong diverse characters. 

Readings are "cold" which means actors will receive their scripts immediately prior to performing. All work presented is curated. We encourage actors and writers to submit to participate. If you have a script you'd like to be read, or something you'd like to "show and tell" please email to:

[Script rules: 10 pages for drama, maximum. 4 pages prose and poetry maximum.]