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TAC CON How to Hustle: Content Creators & The Ultimate Hyphenators

The Artist Co-op (TAC) will be holding its second live community conversation, on March 22nd, 2018, to be hosted The Artist Co-op.


The hour-long panel will focus on artists who have cultivated strong social communities and created thriving businesses while maintaining their lives as performers and artists. The live panel will be followed by an in-person lunch and discussion with the panelists and attendees.


12-12:45 pm Facebook Live Panel

1-2:00 pm Lunch/Discussion The Artist Co-op


The panel will be moderated by Kate Lumpkin, and to feature industry thought leaders, Andrew Chappelle, Jane Jordan from Fit for Broadway, Matt Rodin from, Vasthy Mompoint from Broadway Babysitters, LLC.


To attend, please RSVP to the google form. The first 25 to RSVP will receive seats at The Artist Co-op. When seating is full, all may watch via Facebook Live The Artist Co-op.