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Be Heard! ~ TAC Member's Happy Hour

In partnership with the artist co-op, Be Heard! is the first in a series of programming developed by Infinity Plus One, an organization dedicated to identifying, confronting, and resolving the challenges that we face as professionals, artists, and human beings.


Be Heard! is an opportunity for us, as an artistic community, to brainstorm ways to surmount the challenges we all face as modern artists. For these 2 hours, we will explore the hurdles that stand between us and fulfilling our potential, as well as share the personal solutions we have discovered to overcome these obstacles. We will take time to identify any and all factors standing in our way, so we can then forge new ways of overcoming these challenges.


Everyone has the ability to do truly incredible things; we invite you to join us in the journey of inspiring everyone’s capacity to do.


* We encourage you to bring something to write with/on

Earlier Event: May 29
Closed for Memorial Day
Later Event: June 19
Write the Night