We're OPEN!

Coworking Hours

Monday through Friday 10 am - 10 pm

Saturday through Sunday 11 am - 7 pm 

For TAC Members - Unlimited Access! 


What are the memberships? 



1 hour of rehearsal space per month



4 hours of rehearsal per month



8 hours of rehearsal space per month


* Up to 3 people


One month of coworking 


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Our Amenities: 


Coworking Space

Coworking space- Pull up a chair and grab a desk at the Co-op. You will get free high speed internet as a part of the membership. Read a book in our library too! Unlimited access to the coworking space outside of regular hours.



Coffee- Members have free access to coffee and tea in the members' kitchenette. Oh and guess what, we officially partnered with STUMPTOWN COFFEE ROASTERS.



Printing- TAC members receive an allotted amount of B&W printing and scanning depending upon their membership.

Member Events

Member Events- Happy hours and networking events just for members. Plus recieve discounted rates on hosting events as a member at the Artist Co-op.


Lockers & Mailboxes

Lockers- Store your props, costumes and scripts. Members receive a discount on small and large lockers for monthly storage.

Mailboxes- All Co-op members may use 500 W. 52nd Street, 3W as their official business address for all mail and package services.

Rehearsal Space 1

available to book Mon-Sun 8am-10pm

dimensions 20 by 28 square feet

adjustable track lighting on a dimmer


members rate $30 per hr

non members rate $40 per hr

Rehearsal Space 2

available to book Mon-Sun 8am-10pm

dimensions 13 by 18 square feet

adjustable track lighting on a dimmer

members rate $20 per hour

non members rate $30 per hour


Want to see it for yourself?


Interested in hosting a reading or a play or an event at the


Please tell us a bit about the event,

by emailing support@theartistco-op.com or calling us at  

(646) 682-9502.