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In August, the NYTimes wrote a feature on how some FringeNYC artists rehearsed in unconventional rehearsal spaces. Whether it's rehearsing in a pharmacy or a day care, the article shed light on the need for artists to think outside the box for space. In the process of actively looking for a home of our own, The Artist Co-op has met with various groups and spaces that run unique and artist-friendly rehearsal spaces and venues. We'd like to share some of them with you here! 

Rachel and Jessica

Arts on Site is located on 12 St.Marks Place between 2nd & 3rd Ave, in the same building as Yoga to the People. The founding team is made up of three stellar artists: (Chelsea Ainsworth, Kyle Netzeband, Adrian Rosas). This Saturday, October 8th at 8pm, they are hosting an open performance to showcase artists. 

Loft 227 is a hidden gem in the heart of Midtown on 29th St. between 7th & 8th. Founded by Robin Sokoloff (a producer, casting director and choreographer) who has created an artist incubator that utilizes hi-tech resources in order to produce new works. 

The Mist just opened! It’s located in the Lower East Side. The vibe is like if Sleep No More met 1950’s Suburbia. The founders of the Mist, Yvonne and Jae, are experiential designers. They've created a space that could inspire writers, directors, companies, devisers and more!

Unusual search sites

  • Peerspace is a marketplace that gives you access to a collection of unique, undiscovered locations in New York City.  

  • Breather is an app that helps you book conference rooms all around the city. They can be on the pricey end, but are quite convenient.

  • Spacefinder was developed by Fractured Atlas. They list different rental spaces throughout New York City.

Rachel Berger