Benefits of Coworking ☕

Hi there,

Can you believe it's September? Before you know it, we'll be wearing our winter coats. Thankfully we're not there yet... In this email, we share what we've discovered in researching different coworking models. The tech industry has embraced this trend and we believe that the artist community could really benefit from it. 

5 reasons why coworking can benefit the artist community:

  1. Become a working artist
    • You have an accountability partner through a whole community of artists. This is someone who checks in on you and makes sure you're creating. Here are some examples of what an accountability partner would check in on:
      • Did you update your website? Or reach out to your dream director?
    • When you show up to the same place at the same time every day, you'll put in the work. And when you do the work, amazing things happen!
  2. Organic Networking
    • Who knows who you'll meet... Example scenarios:
      • Maybe you’re drinking coffee at a coworking desk and a playwright needs to hear her words read aloud… boom a new colleague!
      • Or you’re producing your first ever webseries and you have no clue how to fund it… boom someone knows how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign from the Co-op network!
    • Everything you need at your fingertips
      • At the eventual Artist Co-op, there will be a printer, copier, mailboxes, meeting rooms, rehearsal spaces, kitchen, library (scripts & costumes) and lounge. 
        • There won't be a need to run around New York City to rush and check everything off your to-do list! 
    • Stress-free environment
      • New York City is chaotic and stressful enough. Let's support our artistic developments and carve out a space that encourages creative endeavors.   
      • No auditions = No competition
        • We want the Co-op to be a supportive place where you feel like you can take risks.
    • Be a part of something greater
      • When we become apart of a community, we create not just for ourselves, but for each other.  

    While we are actively working to find the right physical space for The Artist Co-op, we want to build our virtual community in the meantime. We've started a social media campaign called #TACWishWednesday. Every Wednesday we will feature a different artist and their wish for the Co-op. Please share your wish and thoughts with us, so we can build the Artist Co-op together. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Rachel & Jessica

    Rachel Berger