We're about to Pop!

Hi  There
I've been agonizing how to write this email, so I figured I'd share this exciting news in a video:


The Artist Co-op Pop Up
A four-day pop-up/unconference/ celebration to empower the artist community to have its own home. Over the four days, The Artist Co-op Pop Up will bring together top artists, art enthusiast and art patrons in order to build a community of supporters dedicated to advancing independent art in NYC. Participants will have access to free rehearsal space, nightly round table discussions and help bring attention to our need for space. Every night we will: CULTIVATE, CONVERSE, COLLABORATE and CELEBRATE our art.  

Save the date: June 7-10th from 7-10pm @ The Centre for Social Innovation

More updates with who's involved in the Pop Up coming soon. I can't wait to share all the news with you!

Thanks for all your support so far! Can't wait until we POP!


Rachel Berger