Auditions & Filming


Guidelines for Auditions & Filming reservations

Reservations for auditions or filming (self-tapes excluded) are now required to reserve both Rooms 1 and 2 simultaneously.  Having a second room provides a designated place for non-members to occupy instead of the Coworking Space. TAC’s mission is to give our members a comfortable, nurturing and stimulating workspace.  

We understand that reserving both rooms is a bigger cost commitment, however, it is imperative that we strengthen our commitment to our members.  That’s why we are offering a reduced price when booking both rooms:


Dual Spaces Rates:

$40 per hour (members)***

$60 per hour (non-members)

*** TAC Memberships that include rooms may apply their hours to these bookings.



  1. Auditions/Filming reservations must be placed by email or phone; these cannot be booked online - as you won’t be able to claim the reduced price. Contact info: or (646) 682 - 9502

  2. Auditions must have a monitor to ensure non-members abide by the TAC rules, sign in at the Front Desk, and stay within the reserved spaces.

  3. Auditions must have a holding room (recommended: Room 2 holding, for auditions in Room 1) - Auditionees are no longer permitted to occupy any of the Coworking Space while they wait.



  1. Before or after a room reservation, you may check non-members in as guests, and they are welcome to occupy the Coworking Space with you.  Coworking guests are permitted to stay for up to two (2) hours, free of charge. If Coworking guests exceed 2 hours, they will be asked to purchase a day pass for just $20. 

  2. If a non-member gets to TAC early for their rehearsal/room reservation without a member, they may wait respectfully in the Coworking Space; Guests should not arrive earlier than thirty (30) minutes before the booking, if possible.  Guests should be informed of the TAC policies regarding non-members in the Coworking Space before their reservation.

  3. Non-members may use our kitchen area and bathroom (drink coffee/tea, use bathrooms).